Monday, November 15, 2010

Naming Contest to Date

Greetings again Mudgapians!  I'm like out of it for the last month.  Around the clock recording sessions at the studio.  My group, Rusty Rock Rockers, got its album together, finally.  The hardest part was cover art for the cover which you need even though it doesn't really ever get sold as  a CD or anything.  We hope to get it on eBay soon and maybe Amazon.  Title is "Zippers and Zithers" and we got Aunt Maude to do the cover from a photo montage.  Cool stuff.  Can't wait to get it released.

Anyway I haven't had much time to get back to the village blog.  I got a lot of email about it even though not many people took the time to actually post comments.  So far I've gotten twenty-three suggested titles for the Blog but none are very good.  I'm going with Sierra Fangoso Fantasia until something better comes along.  Since the pikers that made the suggestions couldn't be bothered to sign on and post I won't trouble you with their lame ideas except for two which were "Mudgapopolis Daily" and "Bohannon's Ghost".  That gives you an idea.  Come on people!  Let's have some of that mountain creativity.  Contest is still on.   And keep an I out for the new album.


  1. As the only living relative of famed Mudgap old-west personality, Elmer Bohannon, except for my children of course, I have to wonder what is supposed to be so lame about the suggested name "Bohannon's Ghost". Granted something like "Bohannon Scholars" or "Bohannon Musings" would be better but I would remind you and your readers how essential the memory of my famous relative is to the history of Mudgap and indeed all of New Mexico. A gunfighter who was not also a sociopath or psychopath but instead an irreplaceable member of the community as well as founder of the local school system is unique in the history of the state and perhaps of the entire American frontier experience. How about "Bohannon Forever".

  2. Wow! What a egoist! Only living relative of Bohannon? REALLY? According to Google there are Bohannons all over Missouri. Isn't that where he's supposed to be from? I'll bet SOME of them are related. Your not even a Bohannon!

  3. You call it anything but Mudgap Blog you're crazy. Anyway, Bohannon already has a school district named for him. What's he need a blog for? Tourists come to see his headstone. Why don't we talk about something important here, like the naked scans at the airport. TSA must have a bunch of perverts working for them. And they get these sweetheart pensions after twenty years. Glad I don't need to fly.