Friday, November 19, 2010

New Author-Welcome

Hey gang.  Like just a quicky to say my Aunt Lydia has agreed to be an author.  She will be posting about Historical Society stuff...She's the president.  Meantime remember to get your blog name suggestions in.  Still nothing much received.  And people stop emailing me please!!  The point of blogging is to let you make comments.  The latest email rejects...Statue Stares, Rockman Canyon Spirits, Old Gold Fumes??? and Mountain Trolls...oh brother.

1 comment:

  1. OK Lownde. You ripped it this time. Guess they don't teach literary illustions at UT. That Mountain Trolls thing was submitted by my friend Sarah Willows. She has a MA in Heraldic Art and Literature from SF college. Mountain Trolls is a play on words or something, she explains it better, and has to do with Grieg, Halls of the Mountain Kigns etc. Get it together man!!